Why International Recruitment?

Since the last decade, the Belgian & Northern European labour market is struggling with a shortage in supply of employees. The gap with the demand of skilled labour force and more specific in the domains of engineering and IT, is increasing every year.

Portugal and Spain

On the one hand, Southern Europe’s economic situation has damaged badly the local labour market and consequently raised unemployment rates gravely. On the other hand, both countries invested seriously in highly-qualified education resulting in an abundance of excellent prepared professionals with some soft- and language skills, including a fair domination of the English language, but with limited professional opportunities in the Southern European labour market. Universities in Portugal and Spain, internationally recognized, prepare intensively engineers to meet and rise above the global standards, necessary to be successful in international careers. Furthermore both countries count with a large number of well experienced professionals interested in and searching actively for great opportunities to work abroad. Since both countries are EU members, mobility is easy, no work permit is needed and the immigration process is fast.

India and other fast developing countries

Whereas certain regions in the world know a fast development in education, industry and technology. One of the most emerging economies is India. Not only a young population (54% <25yrs) but also the tradition of English speaking education, an Indian mentality of dedication and high performance lie at the basis of the ever increasing and highest export of workforce in the world. With the top quality science institutes, universities and research centers, India counts 3 million graduates per year. Especially in domains of IT & technology India offers a huge potential in skilled engineers and software talent.

The war for talent

As a multinational company or SME you take part in the war for talent. Demographic figures are clear. The proportional rise in the aging population is a fact since years. But economic figures only worsen the situation. The fill in of vacancies in certain sectors becomes a serious challenge. The labour market shows a 30% growth in the demand for engineers while the number of local graduates in Belgium and Northern Europe drops every year. International recruiting provides a solution in the war for talent. However, a competitive and often un-transparent job market, unclear work conditions, legal obstacles, bureaucratic law, quality level of diploma’s, cultural diversity,… may be some of your worries in searching for talent overseas.

Be Wanted

Be Wanted offers you a professional assistance with profound experience and local presence in the foreign markets. We bridge the gap, making life easier, both for the company who is searching for talent as well as for the employee who will relocate from abroad to Belgium or Europe. It is our goal and mission to fit the correct profile and skills where it is hard to match on the Belgian and European market. But we go a step further, supporting the complete global mobility process from recruitment till immigration, relocation and cultural integration on the work-floor and in daily life.